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ZAMBERLAN : Handmade Philosophy since 1929

Mountaineering boots, trekking boots, hiking shoes and hunting boots.


To make walking lovers - who live life first-hand and enjoy time, spaces, destinations, details, without haste and consciously - wear the best boots built by hand in Italy, using skilful technologies and innovative technical solutions that ensure performance, durability and beauty.


The "Norwegian method" features two lines of stitching: the first fixes the upper to the insole (which is specifically designed for this use), the second fixes the upper to the midsole which will later be glued to the sole.

The products of this range are both strong and flexible, making them sturdy and comfortable.

Boots with a Norwegian welt construction are highly durable and can also be re-soled.


A story, a family, a company

Zamberlan was founded in 1929 to build on the passion for the mountains and the ability to work leather. After millions of pairs of boots sold all over the world, it is still run by the family, namely by Marco and Maria, the siblings who represent the third generation. Thanks to its technical competence, constructive innovation, choice and processing of materials, all strictly Italian, Zamberlan is a point of reference in the world of outdoors activities, from high-altitude expeditions to light hiking. Fans from 50 countries around the world can confirm this.


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