Sprintbok: le tapis de course sans moteur

Exclusivité Freelander's Sports

Le tapis roulant manuel courbé est exclusivement alimentée par les jambes de l’utilisateur et offre tous les avantages d’un entraînement autodéterminé. Le SprintBok de NOHrD ne connaît pas de limites de vitesse et ne nécessite pas de réglages. Les coureurs peuvent déterminer leur rythme en fonction de leur capacité de course personnelle.

Running aficionados are familiar with the advantages of curved manual treadmills. The SprintBok by NOHrD knows no limits: 100% powered by the strength of your own legs, you can determine all kinds of running workouts. Endurance runs, sprints or intervals – the SprintBok absorbs any kind of running training thanks to its ball bearing slatted belt. The curved shape of the slat belt provides the manual treadmill with further advantages for a natural running experience. Depending on the body’s center of gravity and position on the belt, users can vary running rhythm at any time. Compared to conventional treadmills, the SprintBok by NOHrD’s curved manual treadmill technology delivers a more intense and effective running workout with overall higher strength input.

Technical Details:- Weight: 100 kg- Max. user weight: 160 kg- Running surface: 160 cm x 45 cm- Measurements: 180 cm x 70 cm x 140 cm- 2 rollers for easy manoevering- Wooden frame width: 8cm- 17.3 “ tablet included- Quiet running noise when in use thanks to vibration absorbing natural rubber