Repeat Cashmere


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Enjoy the softness of premium cashmere made of the finest yarns with the newly added baby cashmere line. REPEAT chooses to combine upscale lifestyle with exquisite quality and a sense of responsibility for people, animals and nature. REPEAT uses natural cashmere from Mongolia from animal friendly breeding and fairly paid nomads.

What is baby cashmere?

Baby cashmere is the ultimate premium cashmere quality. It comes from the cubs of cashmere goats. In order to qualify for the nomination of “baby cashmere” the animals must be between 6-12 months. The softest and finest fibers are found on the shoulders and under the flanks of the animals. The hair is carefully obtained during a thorough combing process; in this process REPEAT pays particular attention to not harming the animals. This makes baby cashmere products much warmer and softer than the best and most selected cashmere wool of adult animals. There is very little baby cashmere available every year and only 30 grams per goat can be obtained per year, compared to 100 gr per adult for adult animals. This makes the product very exclusive.

What is the difference between cashmere and baby cashmere?

The cashmere fiber is defined by the average diameter of the undercoat of the cashmere goat of 15.5 – 19 microns (1 micron = 0.001mm = one millionth of a meter). Cashmere has a Micron of 15.5, however baby cashmere 13.5 and thus the wool is much finer than normal cashmere and therefore belongs to the finest animal hair ever. For cashmere garments, the classic 2/28 yarn is used the most. Baby cashmere is a 2/42 yarn and knits at 14 gg, which makes the surface much finer.

The REPEAT baby cashmere collection offers incomparable comfort and offers a total of 10 different colors. REPEAT stands for sustainable management in harmony with nature and man and resolutely opposes mass production, cheap wages and environmentally harmful production processes.