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CRAGHOPPERS NOSILIFE : Insect Protective Clothing

WHAT IS NOSILIFE CLOTHING? NosiLife is a breakthrough in textile innovation utilising a unique “built -in” anti-insect technology, offering protection for the lifetime of your garment.

HOW DOES NOSILIFE WORK ON CLOTHING? Our NosiLife clothing protects, and is guaranteed, for the lifetime of the garment. Our product is easy to wash and does not require any maintenance or treatment update, it is built within the clothing for good. Our Nosilife products provide long lasting, durable and dependant clothing for any adventure.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? NosiLife will last the expected lifespan of your garment.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF NOSILIFE CLOTHING? Lightweight, durable clothing with the added benefit of our Nosilife anti-insect fabric technology, the system was originally developed for use against dust mites and is now used across the globe, from hospitals to bedding products as a form of protection against biting insects such as mosquito’s.

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS? Our insect protective technology uses Permethrin. This is a synthetic pyrethroid that is used extensively by humans as an effective method of controlling insects, which has been globally used in clothing products for the general public, industrial and military uses. In addition, the active is used to protect food crops, livestock & canine domestic pets.


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